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[[[Panther-spotted Grasshopper (Poecilotettix pantherinus) Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, AZ (26 July 2008)


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A male Ridged Grasshopper (Conozoa carinata) has fallen prey to a robber fly (Asillidae: Efferia). Fort Huachuca, Cochise Co., AZ (12 June 2009)


People who've been helpful with identification, photography, and access to local grasshoppers include: Dave Beaudette, Eric Eaton, David J. Ferguson, Carl A. Olson (University of Arizona), Bob Parks, Bill Radke (San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge), Sheridan Stone (Fort Huachuca), Pat Sullivan, Karen LeMay, Jo Ann Loza, Joe Woodley, and Charles Melton.


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